Breast Cancer screening – it seemed to be such a good idea

I investigated for Patti chiari RSI what organized mammography screening can, and can’t do.   Spoiler: this is not good news.   Watch the program (in Italian)   Lessen to oncologist Michael Baum (in English)   Read Catherine Riva investigation (in French – paywall)   Read Peter C. Gøtzsche book: Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy Read more about Breast Cancer screening – it seemed to be such a good idea[…]

Isotretinoin Birth Defects

A powerful acne medication whose potential side effects include psychosis is known from day one for a very high risk of birth defects. Although it is a very known risk and whatever safety rules are in place, worldwide women discover to be pregnant while taking Isotretinoin. The result? A termination or a child with potentially Read more about Isotretinoin Birth Defects[…]

Human Rights Defender Trapped in Baku

An Azerbaijani dissident has spent ten months living in the Swiss embassy in Baku. The human rights defender Emin Huseynov has long been persecuted by the authoritarian government of president Ilham Aliyev and since August 2014 has been hosted by the Swiss embassy for humanitarian reasons after he went into hiding, fearing his arrest was imminent. Read more about Human Rights Defender Trapped in Baku[…]

Occhio alla pillola / Birth Control Pills Safety

I rischi delle pillole anticoncezionali Le chiamano “pillole leggere”, “moderne”, di “quarta generazione”. Non farebbero ingrassare e curerebbero persino l’acne. Ma è proprio vero? In settembre in Svizzera è morta una ragazza colpita da un’embolia polmonare dopo 10 mesi di assunzione del contraccettivo. In maggio un altro caso aveva scosso l’opinione pubblica, quello di Celine, Read more about Occhio alla pillola / Birth Control Pills Safety[…]

La “bionda” elettronica / The Electronic Cigarette

Everything you always wished to know and never dared asking about the electronic cigarette. From its chinese inventor to the business of e-cig aromas, did you know that most of users are heavy smokers trying to quit? An investigative documentary to demistify media reports and public health authorities bizarre assessment.