Isotretinoin Birth Defects

A powerful acne medication whose potential side effects include psychosis is known from day one for a very high risk of birth defects. Although it is a very known risk and whatever safety rules are in place, worldwide women discover to be pregnant while taking Isotretinoin. The result? A termination or a child with potentially Read more about Isotretinoin Birth Defects[…]


Cannabis goes legal in Switzerland for a scientific project

I published an article on the Swiss-Italian magazine Area on the amazing story of an experiment that might soon make Cannabis legal in Switzerland. The project was first born in Geneva, issued of a group putting around the table most of the political parties to exchange views about the bigger picture of security issues. The Read more about Cannabis goes legal in Switzerland for a scientific project[…]

A platform for transparency at the Swiss Parliament

Lobbywatch is a no profit project by a bunch of journalists and IT experts. The goal: mapping the potential conflicts of interest at the Swiss Parliament. Born one year ago, this¬†website have already achieved impressive results. A continuously updated database, smart visualisation tools and articles about specific cases are available here:¬† An article in Italian. Read more about A platform for transparency at the Swiss Parliament[…]

La “bionda” elettronica / The Electronic Cigarette

Everything you always wished to know and never dared asking about the electronic cigarette. From its chinese inventor to the business of e-cig aromas, did you know that most of users are heavy smokers trying to quit? An investigative documentary to demistify media reports and public health authorities bizarre assessment.