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I grew up in Rome and with 28 I moved to Bern     Basically, I jumped from a 5 million to a 125’000 … European capital     What could possibly go wrong when you do such a thing?     My columns for – in Italian    

Breast Cancer screening – it seemed to be such a good idea

I investigated for Patti chiari RSI what organized mammography screening can, and can’t do.   Spoiler: this is not good news.   Watch the program (in Italian)   Lessen to oncologist Michael Baum (in English)   Read Catherine Riva investigation (in French – paywall)   Read Peter C. Gøtzsche book: Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy Read more about Breast Cancer screening – it seemed to be such a good idea[…]

Tamiflu. A Pandemic Business

It was supposed to save us all from the pandemics. The Cochrane Collaboration and BMJ have discovered that Tamiflu is far from being effective and bear important side effects. The Tamiflu Saga in a 56 Minutes long investigative documentary shot in Japan, Italy, UK and Switzerland.

Il fantasma della pandemia / The Phantom of Pandemics

The phantom of pandemics, an investigative reporting for the Swiss public broadcaster. I have been digging deep on biomedical literature, statistics, industry contracts for the pandemic vaccines and much more. It was on Swiss TV in Italian, French and German, 2010. Pandemia suina, uno spettro che ha preoccupato il mondo. Le previsioni dei catastrofisti non si sono realizzate: il pianeta l’ha vissuta come una comune Influenza. Gli Stati hanno acquistato milioni di dosi di vaccino pandemico, rimaste per lo più inutilizzate. L’hanno fatto su indicazione dell’OMS. Al Consiglio d’Europa, la Commissione Sanità accusa l’OMS di avere creato una “falsa pandemia”, un business miliardario. L’OMS si è fatta condizionare dall’industria farmaceutica?

Roaccutan / Morire per la pelle

A powerful acne medication, that has at least 150 serious side effects. I came along its story in 2005, by researching for my long feature documentary about drug safety regulation. There we featured for the first time the story of Liam Grant, a courageous father fighting in the name of his son. After the broadcast, we received hundreds Read more about Roaccutan / Morire per la pelle[…]