Roaccutan / Morire per la pelle

A powerful acne medication, that has at least 150 serious side effects. I came along its story in 2005, by researching for my long feature documentary about drug safety regulation. There we featured for the first time the story of Liam Grant, a courageous father fighting in the name of his son. After the broadcast, we received hundreds Read more about Roaccutan / Morire per la pelle[…]

Swissmedic, l’insicurezza dei farmaci

How does that work, drugs safety regulation? An investigative, long feature documentary about the Swiss regulatory authorities and the worldwide mechanism behind drug safety. Quanti morti ci vogliono, perché un farmaco venga ritirato dal mercato? C’è da fidarsi del foglietto illustrativo? Le autorità che vigilano sulla sicurezza dei farmaci, sono indipendenti dall’industria farmaceutica?