Tamiflu. A Pandemic Business

Tamiflu side effects Japan

Osaka Japan Tamiflu Swiss TV

This 56 Minutes long investigative documentary, shot in Japan, Italy, England and Switzerland, tracks back the success story of Tamiflu, the drug governments have stockpiled to get ready for a pandemic. It also reveals the serious doubts as to the drug effectiveness and safety circulating in the scientific community. An affair of our days on public health, transparency and side-effects.

Tamiflu side effects

Tamiflu side effects victim – she even didn’t have swine flu.

Un documentario d’inchiesta girato fra Giappone, Italia, Inghilterra e Svizzera ricostruisce l’avventurosa storia del Tamiflu, il farmaco che tutti i governi hanno accatastato per proteggere la popolazione dalle Pandemie. E racconta i dubbi sulla sua efficacia e sicurezza. Una storia di salute pubblica, trasparenza ed effetti indesiderati.

A crossborder investigation by Falò RSI Rundschau SRF, CBC/Radio-Canada, NPRAt the 2011 Global Conference of Investigative Journalism, our project was awarded by Daniel Pearl Awards 2011, Special Citation and a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding International Investigating Reporting and was shortcut for the IRE Awards.

A project with Fréderic Zalac (CBC), Sandra Bartlett and Susanne Reber  (NPR), Harry Häner (RSI) and Reto Padrutt (SRF). 



Credits Swiss TV documentary – Cut: Gerardo Wuthier. Camera: Angela Meschini, Harry Häner. Sound: Lilly Gurzeler, Diether Hell. Grafica Erika Bardakci. With Carlo Zoppi, Nicole Hayoz, Igor Hammer, Elena Luzio, Ayumi Kodama, Mari Yamauchi Neuenschwander.




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