Tamiflu. A Pandemic Business

It was supposed to save us all from the pandemics. The Cochrane Collaboration and BMJ have discovered that Tamiflu is far from being effective and bear important side effects. The Tamiflu Saga in a 56 Minutes long investigative documentary shot in Japan, Italy, UK and Switzerland.

La “bionda” elettronica / The Electronic Cigarette

Everything you always wished to know and never dared asking about the electronic cigarette. From its chinese inventor to the business of e-cig aromas, did you know that most of users are heavy smokers trying to quit? An investigative documentary to demistify media reports and public health authorities bizarre assessment.

Scaduto! Davvero? / Expired! Really?

Can we trust the expiry dates? Not really. Most of them are rather conservative – as soon it’s manifactured, contains sugar or chemical substances, your canned food might well be fine to be eaten years after that stamp on the package. Also yogurt, experts know it: it’s absolutely safe weeks longer then stamped. And what about drugs? The US Army knows it well, some of them are safe and effective even after 20 years.
Investigative reportage on the mysteries of shelf life. In Italian.

Oltre la curva

I went after one question: is that really true, that hooliganism is a problem in Switzerland? A sad story about lies, media manipulation and fan culture in a long feature investigative documentary. Negli ultimi anni, gli “hooligans” hanno conquistato le prime pagine dei giornali svizzeri. Ma è davvero un fenomeno in aumento? L’inchiesta di Falò, realizzata fra Ticino, Basilea, San Gallo, Berna e Zurigo, raccoglie i dubbi degli esperti e dà la parola ai protagonisti. Dai tifosi alla polizia, passando per media, club e avvocati, questo documentario a tinte forti ci fa scoprire che la realtà degli stadi è complessa, ma non tutto è come viene dipinto dai resoconti dell’attualità. L’inchiesta prodotta dalla Televisione svizzera racconta l’incredibile bufala dei milioni di danneggiamenti che i tifosi provocherebbero ai treni delle Ferrovie: il portavoce smentisce le sue stesse dichiarazioni. E la polizia? Ha cercato di sequestrare la telecamera che ha realizzato questo documentario.

Una bufala bestiale

Summer 2005, Swiss countryside. A psychopath tortures cows, horses and pets. Police, psychiatrists and media underline the sexual background of the heinous actions and insist: he will soon do that to women, children. After a few months, a smart police chief found the truth: all animals had died of natural causes. The psychopath was just a phantom. My reportage in 2008 tracking back the protagonists of an awesome media hoax. Police refused to come on camera, but wrote me: our investigations are still going on. Come nasce, cresce e muore una bufala mediatica.