Scaduto! Davvero? / Expired! Really?

Can we trust the expiry dates? Not really. Most of them are rather conservative – as soon it’s manifactured, contains sugar or chemical substances, your canned food might well be fine to be eaten years after that stamp on the package. Also yogurt, experts know it: it’s absolutely safe weeks longer then stamped. And what about drugs? The US Army knows it well, some of them are safe and effective even after 20 years.
Investigative reportage on the mysteries of shelf life. In Italian.

L’UNI è mia

A TV reportage with an investigative touch on the students movement that in the winter 2009 stormed Swiss universities. The slogan was “Education is not for sale”, the focus on the effect of the european Bologna reform and on much more. 52 minutes, in Italian, broadcast by Falò RSI in spring 2010.
Le Università pubbliche svizzere: prestigiose, efficienti e meno costose di quelle italiane, francesi e tedesche. Eppure nel novembre 2009, il corpo studentesco si è messo in movimento.

Malata e abbandonata

Switzerland has a strong social state and its health system is rated among the top ten in the world. Still, everything can go wrong in Cheesland too. Francesca Rüedi Cristofaro, a cancer patient, wrote to TV because of her difficult situation, a weird chain of kafquesques events highlighting incompetency and some cynicism by institutions and doctors. Francesca Rüedi Cristofaro ha scritto a Patti chiari per denunciare la sua storia, un incredibile caso di abbandono e malasanità in salsa svizzera che chiama in causa servizi sociali, medici, ospedali e assistenza domiciliare.

Speranza e affari

The new cancer drugs are called intelligent and they bring hope to patients and families. Most of them, though, come to the market after a short testing process and their stellar costs do not match their often poor efficacy profile. La beffa dei nuovi farmaci oncologici: costano un capitale e spesso prolungano la vita di appena pochi giorni.

Light cigarettes / Fumo leggero, ma letale

A long feature, investigative TV documentary for the Swiss public broadcaster on the bizarre story of the light cigarettes. A scam that let us all believe, dozens of years long, that light cigarettes were less harmful than the normal ones. An amazing story of our days, packed with marketing strategies, public health authority idiocy and much more. Nei prossimi mesi la dicitura light dovrà scomparire dalla sigarette. Per almeno due decenni ai consumatori è stato fatto credere che questo tipo di sigarette fossero meno dannose alla salute. Un autentico inganno.