Roaccutan / Morire per la pelle

A powerful acne medication, that has at least 150 serious side effects. I came along its story in 2005, by researching for my long feature documentary about drug safety regulation. There we featured for the first time the story of Liam Grant, a courageous father fighting in the name of his son. After the broadcast, we received hundreds Read more about Roaccutan / Morire per la pelle[…]

Malata e abbandonata

Switzerland has a strong social state and its health system is rated among the top ten in the world. Still, everything can go wrong in Cheesland too. Francesca Rüedi Cristofaro, a cancer patient, wrote to TV because of her difficult situation, a weird chain of kafquesques events highlighting incompetency and some cynicism by institutions and doctors. Francesca Rüedi Cristofaro ha scritto a Patti chiari per denunciare la sua storia, un incredibile caso di abbandono e malasanità in salsa svizzera che chiama in causa servizi sociali, medici, ospedali e assistenza domiciliare.

Speranza e affari

The new cancer drugs are called intelligent and they bring hope to patients and families. Most of them, though, come to the market after a short testing process and their stellar costs do not match their often poor efficacy profile. La beffa dei nuovi farmaci oncologici: costano un capitale e spesso prolungano la vita di appena pochi giorni.

Tamiflu. A Drug for the Birds?

by Serena Tinari Published: March 8, 2006 The case of the well-known Tamiflu: serves only one purpose, to bring in profits to Roche. A powerful communication strategy and a massive psychosis helped the Swiss multinational sell an astronomic quantity of a drug that had a bad start, was essentially worthless and hardly ever tested for Read more about Tamiflu. A Drug for the Birds?[…]