The Adonis Complex – a Body Obsession

Adonis. From compulsive weightlifting to steroid use, from eating disorders to disruptions of social and professional life. A relatively new disorder strikes men living in the wealthy side of the planet. An article in Italian. La chiamano bigoressia o vigoressia, complesso di Adone e “anoressia al contrario”. È una malattia che colpisce quasi solo uomini della parte Read more about The Adonis Complex – a Body Obsession[…]

A platform for transparency at the Swiss Parliament

Lobbywatch is a no profit project by a bunch of journalists and IT experts. The goal: mapping the potential conflicts of interest at the Swiss Parliament. Born one year ago, this website have already achieved impressive results. A continuously updated database, smart visualisation tools and articles about specific cases are available here: An article in Italian. Read more about A platform for transparency at the Swiss Parliament[…]

Human Rights Defender Trapped in Baku

An Azerbaijani dissident has spent ten months living in the Swiss embassy in Baku. The human rights defender Emin Huseynov has long been persecuted by the authoritarian government of president Ilham Aliyev and since August 2014 has been hosted by the Swiss embassy for humanitarian reasons after he went into hiding, fearing his arrest was imminent. Read more about Human Rights Defender Trapped in Baku[…]

HPV-Vaccines / Dalla parte delle bambine

The HPV vaccine is the first in the history to be expected to prevent a cancer. I research about it since 2008 and so far, nobody could convince me that this intervention is effective, safe and appropriate. Il primo vaccino della storia per prevenire un cancro – il tumore al collo dell’utero. Il vaccino contro il Papilloma Virus (HPV), é consigliato alle ragazze dagli 11 anni. Eppure questo tumore si può prevenire con controlli regolari dal ginecologo e nei paesi sviluppati é diventato un cancro raro. Studio la questione dal 2008 e nessuno è riuscito a convincermi che questo vaccino sia efficace, sicuro ed appropriato.